Thinking of Selling your Apartment Building?

Many owners like yourself have considered selling and upgrading or selling and just getting out, but they don’t know what to do afterwards.  They don’t want to have to pay the capital gains or buy another building so they just sit and let the investment go on autopilot.

We are currently offering three critical reports for you.  First, we’re offering for a very limited time, a free broker opinion of value, for those considering selling now or in the very near future.  It will give you a clear idea as to the current value of your investment. Lenders normally pay $500 for this report.

The second report covers the 7 different ways to sell your apartments; and, either pay the capital gains, defer them or possibly avoid them altogether.  There are a few new products designed to assist you and we’ll share all of them. To access your 3rd free report see below.

Feel free to click the Property Manager – Best Practices button above for ideas on how best to work with your Property Manager when selling your apartment property.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, for those owners considering selling in the near future, we are offering a FREE Evaluation of Your Apartment Investment.

There are at least 8 ways to sell and either pay, avoid, or defer the capital gains.  We’ll give you the latest available.